Enano Newsletter 23

E-Nano Newsletter nº 23 (Pdf format) 

E-Nano Newsletter (Issue 23)  Publishing Date: 2012-01-10
Welcome to the Special Issue No. 23 of the "E-Nano Newsletter" that three-monthly provides scientific articles, reports and updated information on Nanotechnology and more specifically Emerging Nanoelectronics. The following contributions will be available:


  • "(nanomagma EU project). Ultrafast acousto-magneto-plasmonics in hybrid metal-ferromagnet multilayer structures", by V. Temnov

  • "(nanomagma EU project). Label-free ligand fishing in human plasma using surface plasmon resonance and mass spectrometry imaging", by E. Ly-Morin, W. Boireau, P. Ducouroy, S. Bellon and C. Frydman

  • "(nanomagma EU project). Light localization on a gold nanodisk array probed by near-field optics", by L. Lalouat, L. Aigouy, P. Prieto, A. Vitrey, J. Anguita, A. Cebollada, M.U. González and A. García-Martín

  • "(nanomagma EU project). Controlling fluorescence resonant energy transfer with a magneto-optical nanoantenna", by R. Vincent and R. Carminati

  • "(nanomagma EU project). Internal electromagnetic field distribution and magneto-optical activity of metal and metal-dielectric magnetoplasmonic nanodisks", by D. Meneses-Rodríguez, E. Ferreiro-Vila, J. C. Banthí, P. Prieto, J. Anguita, A. García-Martín, M. U. González, J. M. García-Martín, A. Cebollada, and G. Armelles

  • "(nanomagma EU project). Magneto-Optical properties of nanoparticles", by R. Gómez-Medina, B. García-Cámara, I. Suárez-Lacalle, L. S. Froufe-Pérez, F. González, F. Moreno, M. Nieto-Vesperinas and J. J. Sáenz

  • "(nanomagma EU project). Three-dimensional optical metamaterials and nanoantennas: Chirality, Coupling, and Sensing", by H. Giessen

  • "(nanomagma EU project). Spin transfer RF nano-oscillators for wireless communications and microwave assisted magnetic recording", by U. Ebels, M. Quinsat, D. Gusakova, J. F. Sierra, JP Michel, D. Houssameddine, B. Delaet, M.-C. Cyrille, L. D. Buda-Prejbeanu and B. Dieny

  • "(nanoICT EU project). Characterization of an electrostatically actuated Pd coated MEMS resonators", by J. Henriksson, J. Arcamone, G. Villanueva and J. Brugger

  • "(nanoICT EU project). Optical analysis (study) of InAsP/InP core shell nanowires", by F. Jabeen, B. Ketterer, G. Patriarche, A. Fontcuberta I Morral and J-C. Harmand

  • "(nanoICT EU project). Brillouin light scattering measurements in crystallographically tuned thin Co-films", by O. Idigoras, B. Obry, B. Hillebrands and A. Berger

  • "(nanoICT EU project). Temperature distribution of heated membranes for stencil lithography application", by S. Xie, D. Ducatteau, B. Legrand, V. Savu, L. Buchaillot and J. Brugger


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