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MULT.EU.SIM aims to gather the simulation research community in Europe to establish a joint vision of multiscale modelling and simulation. This will enable to prepare Europe to play a leading role in the opening era of computational sciences where multiscale simulation will profoundly change the scientific and technological practices.

This European vision will serve as the foundation for a joint effort with emphasis toward multiscale unified codes and standardized interfaces & workflows in a field that is currently very fragmented. Ultimately, the availability of such a multiscale code toolbox will put Europe’s industry in a strong IPR position.

The MULT.EU.SIM consortium gathers prominent European stakeholders that have: (i) very good connections with all actors of the simulation community from academics to industry; (ii) long experience in managing such effort. It will ensure that the output of this effort will be as complete global and consensual as possible. It will take the form of a joint vision of multiscale modelling and simulation, and of a European research agenda for implementing that vision.

Download MULT-EU-SIM satellite workshop Abstracts Book (4.5Mb) Survey on Status and Prospects of Multiscale Modelling in the EU
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E-Nano Newsletter Special Issue April 2012
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Satellite Workshop MULT-EU-SIM

  cuadro   News (2)
     cuadro Featured MULT-EU-SIM workshop celebrated at the Trends in Nanotechnology Conference, TNT2011 (01-12-2011)
     cuadro New name for the future EU funding programme for research and innovation (26-07-2011)
  cuadro   Conferences (3)
     cuadro MULT-EU-SIM workshop: "Modelling and Simulation of Graphene-based Materials and Devices" . April 11, 2012. Brussels (Belgium)
     cuadro 12th Trends in Nanotechnology International Conference (TNT2011). November 21-25, 2011. Canary Islands (Spain)
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