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Merging plasmonics and nanophotonics could bring 'quantum information systems' [27-10-2011]
The merging of two technologies under development - plasmonics and nanophotonics - is promising the emergence of new "quantum information systems" far more powerful than today's computers.

Research highlights photonic and plasmonic nanostructures with applications in optical communications, energy generation and biomedical research [24-10-2011]

A whole new light on graphene metamaterials [04-09-2011]
Nanosensors & Nanodevices, Graphene, Plasmonics

Nanoplasmonic sensors detecting live viruses set to revolutionize infection diagnostics [17-11-2010]
Nanobiotechnology, Plasmonics

Nanohole patches make new type of lens [14-10-2010]
Nanosensors & Nanodevices, Plasmonics

EU funds research into light capturing antenna [07-10-2010]
Nanophotonics & Nano-Optoelectronics, Nanosensors & Nanodevices, Plasmonics

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