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The COST Action TD1003 (
Bio-inspired nanotechnologies: from concepts to applications) aims at using bio-inspired materials that are far beyond the state of “proof of concept” to boost the marriage of top-down and bottom-up fabrication methods when designing new, functional devices to advance developments in the medicine and health, energy, ecology and nanosystems fields.

The COST Action’s main purpose is to bring European teams together to initiate multidisciplinary synergies, foster dialogue on important emerging issues, and promote innovative projects at the highest scientific and technological level. A priority is to favour researchers early in their career’s interaction with European groups to boost the creation of a new and leading world research area in Europe.

The COST Action is at the crossroads of top-down MN technologies and bottom-up molecular engineering, which provide integration tools for the large-scale fabrication of nanosystems and molecularly built materials for self-assembly, respectively. Our “meet in the middle” approach requires coordination at the European level.

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     cuadro NANOBIOTECHNOLOGY: BioInspired Devices and Materials of the Future:A Review (15-07-2011)
     cuadro Brain-inspired computing with nanoelectronic programmable synapses (21-06-2011)
     cuadro DARPA 2012 budget details project accomplishments and plans - a selection of nanotech and quantum related projects (14-06-2011)
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