AtMol Final Review Meeting
(Belgium, Brussels)
AtMol Training Course
Experiments: DUF MBE and NC-AFM.
Theory: TB logic gate design on a workstation.
(Toulouse, France)
AtMol Industrial Day
(Toulouse, France)
AtMol deliverables (January2015) available online (intranet)
E-Nano Newsletter nº 29 available online
Proceedings of the 3rd AtMol European Workshop (Springer) - Berlin, DE
AtMol International Workshop (Nottingham 2013) - Abstracts Book Available
AtMol EU project supported the “Atoms and molecular computing” session held during TNT 2013
AtMol launches its third event ­ International Workshop: Imaging and manipulating molecular orbitals
AtMol will establish comprehensive process flow for fabricating a molecular chip, i.e. a molecular processing unit comprising a single molecule connected to external mesoscopic electrodes with atomic scale precision and preserving the integrity of the gates down to the atomic level after the encapsulation. Logic functions will be incorporated in a single molecule gate, or performed by a single surface atomic scale circuit, via either a quantum Hamiltonian or a semi-classical design approach. AtMol will explore and demonstrate how the combination of classical and quantum information inside the same atomic scale circuit increases the computing power of the final logic circuit. Atomic scale logic gates will be constructed using atom-by-atom manipulation, on-surface chemistry, and unique UHV transfer printing technology.
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