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nanoICT Coordination Action (nanoICT)

Related Events
Special Interest Group Meeting: Micro/Nano Manufacturing. November 27-28, 2019. Technische Universität Berlin (Germany) 
Micro- and nano-scale manufacturing has been the subject of research and industrial focus over the past 20 years. Traditional lithography-based technology forms the basis of micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) manufacturing, but also precision manufacturing technologies have been developed to cover micro-scale dimensions and accuracies.

NanoScale2019. October 15-16, 2019. Braunschweig (Germany) 
NanoMetrology & Standards

3rd Open Meeting, European Conference on "Standardization for Nanotechnologies and Nanomaterials for safer products, production and uses”. October 2, 2018. Brussels (Belgium) 
NanoMetrology & Standards

International Conference on Self-Assembly in Confined Spaces. October 25-27, 2016. San Sebastian (Spain) 

MME2015. September 20-23, 2015. Toledo (Spain) 
NEMS & MEMS, NanoFabrication

nanomeasure2015. April 15-16, 2015. Barcelona (Spain) 
NanoMetrology & Standards, Nanotechnologies

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