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  Postdoctoral and PhD positions:"Quantum Spectroscopy: exploring new states of matter out of equilibrium (QSpec-NewMat ERC."
  (UPV/EHU, Spain) 
  (Publication date: November 20, 2020)  / (Deadline:CLOSED)

  PostDoc Position:"Plasmonic structures"
  (ICMAB - CSIC, Spain) 
  (Publication date: May 13, 2019)  / (Deadline:CLOSED)

  Job Position:"Software Engineer"
  (ICN2, Spain) 
  (Publication date: April 04, 2019)  / (Deadline:CLOSED)

  PhD Student Position:"Energy harvesting from 2D material based nano-optoelectromechanical systems (NOEMS)"
  (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB), Spain) 
  (Publication date: April 03, 2019)  / (Deadline:CLOSED)

  PostDoc Position:"Characterization of electronics charge transport in thin films of advanced high-mobility organic semiconductors"
  (Laboratory of Organic Matter Physics, University of Nova Gorica, Slovenia) 
  (Publication date: February 27, 2019)  / (Deadline:CLOSED)

  PostDoc Position:"Thermal transport in 2D materials (NANOPOLY FET-Open Project)"
  (ICN2, Spain) 
  (Publication date: February 18, 2019)  / (Deadline:CLOSED)

  PhD Position:"PhD fellowship on quantum structures in nanowires for quantum technologies"
  (University of Basel, Switzerland) 
  (Publication date: February 11, 2019)  / (Deadline:CLOSED)

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